How can I secure regular child support for my daughter?

Q: I have an 11-year-old daughter whose care I share with her mother 50/50. When her mother and I separated, we agreed that she would pay me child support as she runs a successful business and I earn a more modest income. Our daughter is busy with a lot of after-school activities including horse-riding. We have always talked about sending her to a private high school. Child support payments have been sporadic recently. Her mother is threatening to reduce payments or to change our care arrangement so she doesn't have to pay. What can I do?

Agreeing on child support can be difficult after a separation. If you and the other parent have significantly different incomes you may struggle to keep up with the costs of supporting your child to the same level as before.

In New Zealand, there are three ways that child support can be set up. These three ways are:• Private agreement• Voluntary agreement• Formula assessment

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