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As a specialist family lawyer, Jeremy routinely deals with high net worth divorces. Issues concerning property division, income disparity and spousal maintenance are common in these cases. But if you earned it, we’ll endeavour to protect it.

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The law on relationship property is determined under the Property Relationship Act. When couples separate after being together for more than three years, the law usually requires that their relationship property is divided equally between each party. 

If the relationship has lasted less than three years, equal sharing may still apply if that would be considered just, such as where there are children or one partner has made a substantial contribution to the relationship.

Some property is deemed separate property, and is not shared between the parties. Superannuation, inheritances and debts may fall into this category. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements may also change the division of property. 

For clients who have significant trusts, own businesses or multiple properties in New Zealand and/or overseas, there can be additional challenges and complications regarding relationship property. Jeremy maintains strong relationships with other lawyers and accountants to work through the details and specifics of your assets.

As an example, Jeremy understands the complex issues which can arise where there is joint ownership of businesses and companies. His expert knowledge in this area will ensure you end up on the right side of the ledger.

If your spouse has been involved in your business to any extent, if you have neglected to pay yourself a salary, or if you have ploughed money back into a business or company, these are all vulnerable areas, and potentially costly for you, financially when your relationship breaks up. Talking to Jeremy assures you the very best advice on how you can rescue your assets. There are standard considerations such as contracting-out agreements, family trusts, buy-sell agreements and record-keeping. But your situation may be different. Jeremy finds solutions to complex relationship property and business divisions quickly and efficiently.

My Experience with Jeremy and his dedicated team was an absolute pleasure in a very disconcerting time. I was under immense stress but the professionalism by Jeremy and his team was admirable and kept me confident. Jeremy gave me options and I was grateful for this.


Absolutely pleased with result - these guys rock.  I spent some time finding a lawyer who actually cares. Highly recommend Jeremy and his team. Tracy kept me informed all the way through the process.

David Powell

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