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Jeremy has achieved successful outcomes for his clients in the Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. He has the legal acumen to be your best advocate and access to experts whose opinions are well respected in Court.

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Couples end up in Court if they cannot reach agreement. This is usually because one party refuses to engage in reaching an agreement or there is high conflict between the parties. In high conflict divorce, resolving things amicably is significantly more difficult. 

The issues raised in Court often include disagreements about what is to be classified as relationship property and how property is to be valued. Usually, there are trusts and businesses are involved. Another common scenario is where there is an uneven balance of power, and one party is financially advantaged and the other financially disadvantaged. 

If your case progresses to Court, it can be a long and arduous journey and you will want to know that you are in safe hands. Jeremy has been successfully representing his clients in Court for over two decades. He works with experts whose opinions are respected in Court, including valuers, forensic accountants and psychologists. 

Jeremy has successfully represented clients in Court on the following matters: 

  • relationship property settlements 
  • constructive trust cases 
  • compensation claims against a trust 
  • setting aside a Relationship Property Agreement
  • matters relating to the care of children 
  • Hague Convention applications 
  • defences to Hague Convention applications 
  • hearings under the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 
  • cases under the Bill of Rights Act.

My Experience with Jeremy and his dedicated team was an absolute pleasure in a very disconcerting time. I was under immense stress but the professionalism by Jeremy and his team was admirable and kept me confident. Jeremy gave me options and I was grateful for this.


Absolutely pleased with result - these guys rock.  I spent some time finding a lawyer who actually cares. Highly recommend Jeremy and his team. Tracy kept me informed all the way through the process.

David Powell

Family Violence

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