Jeremy has achieved successful outcomes for his clients in the Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. He has the legal acumen to be your best advocate and access to experts whose opinions are well respected in Court.

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If you are not happy about a Family Court’s decision you may have the option to appeal the judgment or court order.

If it’s an interim decision or order, you need to seek permission from the court within 20 working days after the decision has been given. The process is started by filing an interlocutory application in the Family Court seeking leave to appeal.  

If it’s a final decision you have the right to appeal to the High Court and in most cases, the timeframe for filing an appeal is within 20 workings days after the decision has been given. The appeals process is started by filing a Notice of Appeal in the High Court.  The court filing fee for an appeal is $540.

If you are outside the timeframe you will need to seek permission/leave of the court to file out of time.

Jeremy has extensive litigation experience and can assist with considering your case and determining the likely chances of your success.  

My Experience with Jeremy and his dedicated team was an absolute pleasure in a very disconcerting time. I was under immense stress but the professionalism by Jeremy and his team was admirable and kept me confident. Jeremy gave me options and I was grateful for this.


Absolutely pleased with result - these guys rock.  I spent some time finding a lawyer who actually cares. Highly recommend Jeremy and his team. Tracy kept me informed all the way through the process.

David Powell

Family Violence

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