Ex Files: I've been left off the will

Q: My father passed away last year after a sudden illness. He owned a small unit in east Auckland and a bach in the Coromandel.

I expected his solicitor to notify me of the terms of his Will. After months of silence, I contacted my younger sister and she admitted that she had been made the sole executrix and beneficiary of our father’s estate. I was surprised and the conversation ended abruptly after that.

My relationship with my father has always been relatively strained. He was always a lot closer to my sister. However, I still invited him to family events and visited him occasionally.

My husband and I are financially secure although a little extra financial assistance would be nice. We have three teenage children who all participate in expensive extra-curricular activities.

I recollect my father mentioning a trust many years ago. It is possible some of his assets are owned by a trust.

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