Your Divorce Lawyer is Not Your Therapist

Your divorce lawyer is not your therapist, and you need to deal with your emotional issues separately. There are far too many clients who wish to talk to their lawyer a number of times a day, and there are a lot of lawyers who will allow this, while letting the client pay huge legal bills that result. The divorce lawyer has a duty to ensure that clients are aware that we are not their therapist. We will take time to listen to what our clients have to say and take their needs into account. However, if they are experiencing emotional and psychological issues, we encourage them to see a therapist. That may be a counsellor or psychologist, for example, to deal with the psychological and emotional effects of a separation. The divorce lawyer is here to get your divorce done, which means a strategy that will benefit you for years to come, long after the emotions have finalised. As a client you should expect to receive a referral to an appropriate therapist such as a psychologist, should the need arise. There should also be appropriate boundaries between the legal issues and those matters that are emotional. Finally, there are many cases in which clients are not able to make important decisions because of their emotional state. It is important that clients are in the right frame of mind and have taken the right professional advice to ensure their decision making is not clouded.

"The information posted on this website is prepared for a general audience, without investigation into the facts of any particular case. This information is no substitute for legal advice and does not create a lawyer-client relationship; you are advised to consult with a lawyer on any legal issue."

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